I believe that there is beauty in every moment of life. I live for the mundane moments of life just as much as those crazy spontaneous moments. The small things, like how your son puts his hand on your cheek when he tells you he loves you, or the way your little one grabs your cheeks extra tight when they give you a kiss, the way you smile when you watch your significant other play with your child, or the way your eyes light up when you look at your significant other. Those wild moments where you break out in a dance, run through a field of wild flowers, or jump into that alpine lake. Those are the moments I live for capturing.  If you let me into your life to capture your family or life events I will leave you with photographs that tell stories of individual connections, emotions, and love. Images that will evoke feelings of warmth and joy and remind you just how precious and beautiful your life was and is when look upon these photos years from now. You will be able to hold on to those moments of time forever.

I'm a mama to the raddest little fella and his sweet pup. 
I dance like no one is watching when stuck in traffic. 
I live for weekend adventures in the mountains, desert, or city with my fellas. 
I will probably have hair blue hair when I'm ninety. 
There nothing better than reading a good book under your favorite tree. 

Where am I located?
Denver, Colorado
Will Travel.

What Inspired me to become a photographer?
The passion started at a young age, but I realized it would never leave my life when I was in College. I was an animation major, and I took a simple black and white film photography class as an elective. I started to notice that I was always out shooting or in the darkroom when I should have been in my other classes. It consumed me.

What type of shoots do I offer? (all shoots can be lifestyle or standard portrait)

  • Maternity and Newborns
  • Kids and Families
  • Couples Old and Young
  • High school seniors
  • Working professionals
  • Model Portfolios
  • Special Events
  • Engagements & wedding
  • Themed Shoots

What is a life style sessions like?
I hate being photographed! But you are a photographer, most people say, Yes, that's why I'm behind the camera and you're in front of it. I get super nervous and awkward, I'm shy, especially around people I am meeting for the first time. With that being said I completely understand why people are a little uncomfortable and nervous at the beginning of a shoot. I feel your pain, and I will do my best to make you feel as comfortable as possible. That may entail me asking you to show me your favorite dance moves or throw your hands in the air like you just don't care, or tell me a story of one of the funniest moment you have shared with your family or love. Which I hope will bring a smile to your face and cause you to giggle, and I will begin clicking away. Capturing every moment, the before the after and the in between. I want to capture real genuine emotion, I want to leave you with honest memories, not a staged uncomfortable smile. 



Have Questions? Want to partner up shoot together? Want to just say hello? Have a rad idea you want captured?
Shoot me e-mail: terboimagingphotoinfo@gmail.com